WISKE - Rescued on 26th January 2005

Wiske was rescued from Porthtowan on the 26 January 2005. This pup was malnourished and exhausted; he is about 8 - 10 weeks old and weighs 16 kg. This pup is very thin and also very quiet in the hospital. The hospital is now full again.
Update 20th May 2005 - Wiske along with Dee, Lew and Taw were released on 20th May 2005 at Gwithian.
Wiske looking back to say goodbye!First out of the trailer was Lew (hat tag number 51), he went out and was happy to play in the surf. Second of the trailer was Wiske (hat tag number 56), she didn´t want to go, but after 10 minutes she made her way to the water. Taw had no hat, he was third out the trailer and went straight to the water. Last out of the trailer was Dee (hat tag number 50) with the scar on his shoulder is still visible, he was reluctant to go but once he felt the water on his flippers he was off.