WILLOW was rescued on 5th November 2003
Willow, a rescued pup Willow was rescued by the RSPCA from Porthcurno on 5th November 2003. She was extremely malnourished and lethargic and weighed just 13 kilos. She was suffering from a respiratory infection and several nasty bite wounds to her flippers and around her face.

At approximately 5 weeks old Willow would have been weaned, and should have started to learn to feed herself.
Unfortunately possibly because of the wounds around her face and an infection, she had not been successful in finding her own food.
When Willow arrived at the Sanctuary, she was obviously exhausted. Her wounds were cleaned and antibiotics and painkillers were administered. She was also given fluids to help re-hydrate her. Willow has now been introduced to fish and although she is still sleeping a lot she is very hungry and is really enjoying her fish. Willow, a rescued pup
Willow, a rescued pupUpdate 10th December 2003 - Willow has improved in leaps and bounds over the course of her one month stay in the hospital.

All of her wounds are fully healed and she has been eating fish on her own for some time. We are filling her pen with water each day so that she gets used to this new environment before she is moved down to the nursery pools in the near future.
Update 10th July 2004 - Willow was released at Church Cove, along with Thistle and Larch, on 5th July 2004.