UIST was rescued in November 2000
Uist was rescued from Pendeen Lighthouse, Penzance where he had been spotted laying on the slipway for an entire day.

He is a underweight and was so lethargic when he was rescued that he required fluid therapy on the beach prior to transportation. Uist had very swollen upper and lower jaws and a little blood was seen around his muzzle.

In the first week of December Uist was moved outside with three other pups. He is by far the greediest and is doing very well.
Uist in pool

TONGA was rescued on 15th December 2000
Tonga was rescued on the 15th December 2000 from Mousehole being very thin and with superficial wounds. On further examination, Tonga´s front left flipper was found to be extremely swollen.

Within a few hours of being in the isolation unit Tonga had passed a huge amount of feathers. He had been so hungry he had eaten a sea bird on the shore. The feathers were giving him rather a bad belly though! With antibiotics and tummy settlers he will soon be on the mend.
Tonga in pool