Tyne, Resident Common Seal
Tyne, a female Harbour/Common Seal (Phoca Vitulina), was born in 2006 at the Aquarium in Tynemouth, she was moved to Scarborough SEA LIFE Centre before arriving at the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary in 2008.

During feeding time, Tyne is very cheeky and loves to pinch fish from Sally and Amber.
Tyne's pupThe Staff were taken by surprise when Tyne gave birth to a healthy pup on 5th June 2015. They had no idea she was expecting! A cute baby seal pup could be the product of a holiday romance.

The youngster must have been conceived in July 2014 whilst Tyne and other residents were "holidaying" in Scarborough...while the Sanctuary was re-built after being devastated by storm floods.

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Click here to watch a short video of the pup taken on 7th June 2015 a day after it was born.
Tyne's pup
Tyne Tyne is looking very beautiful. Click here to see a larger version of this photo.
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