[The Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary]
Conservation of Turtle Nests

All species of marine turtles are threatened with extinction. One of the biggest threats to their extinction is the continuing loss of their nesting habitat. It is believed that marine turtles have an extremely high affinity for their nesting beaches and will return to them time and time again. That means that the loss of just one nesting beach can have serious effects on the population as a whole.

For many years the SEA LIFE Centres have been working in Zykinthos, Greece, to help raise awareness about the local nesting habitats and to do all we can to save them from the threats they face.

The Turtle faces many threats. These are:-

  • Increased human presence on nesting beaches

  • Artificial lighting

  • Poaching

  • Beach armouring. This includes building sea walls that stop the turtles coming ashore.

  • Beach erosion and loss of natural turtle habitat

  • Beach nourishment by man. In some cases beaches are replenished with sand from elsewhere.
       This can cover turtle nesting sites.

  • Ocean predators

  • Commercial fishing

  • Human pollution

  • Offshore Oil and Gas industries destroying habitats

  • How can you help?

    You can help fund the work in Zykinthos where people are working hard to protect a local nest site.

    To find out more about Earth, Sea & Sky you can visit their own website www.earthseasky.org