First grey seal pup of the season for Cornish Medics
28th September 2004

This morning, the National Seal Sanctuary contacted us regarding a whitecoat pup that was lying on a nearby public beach on its own and with no sign of any other seals around.

Myself, and Medics Phil Jarvis and Lesley Jarvis went to the site, informing West Cornwall Coordinators Dave Jarvis and Tim Bain just before leaving. Dave also contacted Medic Caroline Curtis. Phil, Lesley and I arrived and quickly located the seal lying in the middle of the beach not far from the high tide mark. The people who had reported it were still with it to make sure dogs etc stayed away until we arrived.

The assessment found that it was moulting, having lost most of its white coat and leaving only a thin layer. It appeared to be slightly underweight as well, which is to be expected with a pup that has recently been weaned and learning to fend for itself.

Tamara Cooper and Jo Hurley from the Sanctuary arrived at the same time as Dave, Tim and Caroline. Jo jumped the pup while Tamara took its temperature and gave it a more thorough assessment. The pup´s temperature was slightly elevated, and it was also found to have a swollen left foreflipper, possibly due to a broken or fractured bone.

The pup was then loaded into a cage it was taken back to the Sanctuary.

Medic Dan Jarvis
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
West Cornwall