TRENT was rescued on 28th September 2004
TRENT - Photo by Dan Jarvis Trent was rescued on the 28th of September 2004 with the help of the BDMLR from a public beach. The pup had been reported as lying by itself with no sign of any other seals around.

The people who had reported it were still with the pup to make sure dogs etc stayed away when Tamara Cooper and Jo Hurley from our Animal Care Team and volunteers from BDMLR arrived.
TRENT - assessed by Tamara and Jo - Photo by Dan JarvisThe seal was given a visual assessment and was found to be moulting, having lost most of its white coat, leaving only a thin layer. Trent appeared to be slightly underweight as well, which is to be expected with a pup that has recently been weaned and learning to fend for itself.
TRENT - in hospital pen - Photo by Dan JarvisJo jumped the pup while Tamara took its temperature and gave it a more thorough assessment. The pup´s temperature was slightly elevated, and it was also found to have a swollen left foreflipper, possibly due to a broken or fractured bone. The pup was then loaded into a cage and taken back to the Sanctuary.

Update 29th October 2004 - Trent is not doing too good and is back in a pen by himself, he is very nervous at the moment
and the team are keeping a close eye on him.
Trent being released Update 31st January 2005 - Trent along with Severn and Keekle were released back into the wild on Monday 31st January of 2005 at Gunwalloe. Keekle overtook Severn to get to the water but Trent was a little more reluctant to make the final steps to the wild after trying to climb back into the trailer! Trent´s hat tag number is 24.