TOPE was rescued on 3rd February 2002
Tope was rescued on 3rd February 2002 from Godrevy. He was malnourished, so needed to be fattened up.

Tope was released back to the wild on the 25th April 2002 at Praa Sands along with Skate and Goby. He has a green circle painted on his head for identification purposes.

RAINBOW was rescued on 29th January 2002
Rainbow was rescued on the 29th January 2002 from Mousehole. She was malnourished and had a few superficial wounds on her body. She responded very well to treatment and it wasn´t long before she was in the convalescent pool with all the other pups.

SOLE was rescued on 8th February 2002
Sole was rescued from Porthgwidden, near St Ives, on the 8th February 2002. He was approximately 16 weeks old when rescued and weighed 20 kilos indicating malnutrition. He also had a few superficial wounds to the body.

Sole quickly recovered from his injuries and ate fish for himself almost immediately. On reaching the 20 kilo target weight and getting the the all clear from our vet, Sole was moved out of the hospital to share a nursery pool with Tunny.