Tigger - Rescued on 24th January 2007

The Sanctuary received a call from a member of the public on Wednesday 24th of January 2007 about a seal at Coverack. Maz headed out with a volunteer and walked miles along the beach, after about 20 minutes they found the seal. With puncture wounds to its body it was decided that the seal needed to come back to Gweek. Instead of taking the seal back the way they came (the route was unsuitable for a cage and seal), Maz went back and got the land rover and came in the top across a field, and so the walk with the cage and seal was a lot easier, which means less stress for the pup.
Back at the Sanctuary the seal was weighed and found to be 19 kilos, this pup had lots of puncture wounds to flippers which were cleaned and treated, and a graze to its chin. It has been put in to isolation 2 and is a little girl called Tigger.
Hospital Update: 3rd February 2007 - Tigger just like her name is very bouncy and keeps dashing in and out the water, making lots of noise and doing lots of splashing.

Hospital Update: 9th February 2007 - Tigger has now been moved out of the hospital and down into the common seal pool. Her orange flipper tag number is 38.
Tigger in the hospital - photo taken on 3rd February 2007
Tigger in the convalescence pool - photo was taken on 31st March 2007 Hospital update: 16th February 2007 - Tigger has been moved from the common seal pool into the convalescence pool.

Update: 31st March 2007 - These photos of Tigger were taken on Saturday 31st March 2007 in the convalescence pool.
Tigger in the convalescence pool - photo was taken on 31st March 2007
Update: 24th April 2007 - On Friday 20th of April 2007 at 7am Tigger along with Ariel, Nemo, Spongebob, Bambi and Belle were loaded up into the trailer for their release back into the wild, and we headed out to Gwithian. We arrived after a very bumpy journey (seals getting excited about the sea air) to find the water flat and calm. As soon as the trailer door was down, all six were off, with Ariel leading the way, two stayed around for about 10 minutes before finally disappearing around the coast.All in the trailer

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