Thursday was rescued on 12th February 2009

We received a telephone call on Thursday afternoon (12th February 2009) about a pup at Roseland. BDMLR, who were already in the area, decided to take a look and called to say they think the pup might need attention. The pup was brought back to the Sanctuary and put into hospital pen number 1.

She had a few minor wounds to her flippers but was mainly malnourished and weighed just 14.5 kilos. Her wounds were cleaned and she will be given fluids for the first 24 hours and then moved on to assisted feeding of small whole mackerel.
The pup has been named "Thursday".
Update: 23rd February 2009 - Thursday has now completely moulted and is feeding well on fish, and the Animal Care Team have already started to put water in her pen, so she can learn to swim.

Update: 27th February 2009 - Thursday has not put on any weight in the last week and is still in the hospital.

Update: 6th March 2009 - Thursday is still in the hospital but is slowly putting on weight and has now reached 16 kilos, so hopefully not long until we have an empty hospital.

Update: April 2009 - Thursday has now been moved to the outside convalescent pool for her next stage of rehabilitation at the sanctuary. Her flipper tag number is 19 (red).
Thursday Update: 10th May 2009 - These photos of Thursday were taken on Friday 8th May 2008 in the convalescent pool.

Update: 15th May 2009 - Thursday along with Michelle, Olive and Kathy were released back into the wild on 13th May 2009.

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