THISTLE was rescued on 14th January 2004
Thistle - Photo taken by Dan Jarvis Thistle was rescued on 14th of January 2004 from Gwithian, she was approximately 5 weeks old and weighed 15kg.

When Thistle arrived at the sanctuary, she was a malnourished pup with no major wounds but an obvious broken jaw, she also had a bloody discharge from her mouth.
Hospital Update - Thistle now weighs 16.5kg and is self-feeding. She is on a course of anti-biotics, painkillers, multi-vits and iron. Thistle came in with a broken jaw, which was wired back together. The wire has now been removed and she will now be introduced to the water before being transferred to the nursery pools.
Thistle was released back to the wild at Church Cove, along with Willow and Larch, on Monday 5th July 2004.