TATE was rescued on 20th January 2000

Tate was first rescued from Porthmeor beach in St Ives on the 20th January 2000. She was spotted by a member of staff at the Tate Gallery who was concerned about her small size and quiet nature.

After assessment back at the hospital, apart from her being very underweight - her neck and pelvis were clearly visible - she had no other injuries and seemed very bright and alert. Tate completed her rehabilitation and was released, at St Ives last year.

On the 21st of April we had a call about a young seal injured at Portcurno, when we arrived we realised by her tag it was Tate.

She was in reasonable body condition, but had come into contact with what we believe to be DIESEL. She had some of her fur burnt away and her lips and gums have also been affected. With secondary infection in place, the worry was that without treatment, Tate would be susceptible to advanced infection and tooth loss.

She will remain at the Sanctuary for as little time as possible and when fit will be returned where she was re-rescued at Porthcurno.

She is the first pup we have ever had back to the Sanctuary.