TATE - First Rescued Pup of the Season
Tate was our first pup to be rescued this season. She was found on the beach at Porthmeor in St Ives on the 13th September 2002.

She was one week old when rescued, malnourished, had seal pox on one flipper, possibly abandoned by her mother, but otherwise in good condition. She weighed just 12kg.
Tate, a rescued pup
UPDATE - After a month of force feeding, she was still reluctant to feed herself, on closer inspection she was found to have pox lesions around her mouth. Because she weighed a healthy 23kg and feeding was obviously very painful for her, the decision was made to cut down her food to one fish tail per day and leave it with her in case she felt hungry. Her lesions are slowly receding and her mouth is looking a lot better, the animal care team are hopeful she will soon start to feed herself.