TATE was rescued on 20th January 2000
Tate was rescued from the beach outside the Tate Gallery at St Ives on 20th of January 2000. She was a tiny 12kg in weight at around 10 weeks old. Tate's main problem is her size - she is so thin and small she has great trouble keeping warm. The staff in the hospital check her temperature every four hours and if it is a little low, they dry her pen and give her a good rub down with a fluffy towel. Drying carefully between her toes helps too! This is because seals loose heat from their hind flippers when wet. She is one the quietest pups so far this season but is trying hard to growl and sound aggressive!

RONAN was rescued on 13th January 2000
Ronan was rescued from Lands End on the 13th of January 2000. He had been spotted by some local people two days prior to his rescue on some rocks at Porthgwarra cove. The next time they spotted him he had made his way up a very steep slip way and was sleeping on some grass. Not really typical behaviours!! Being quite concerned they called the Sanctuary and a member of the team and a volunteer attended. On arrival the pup was easily spotted resting quite far inland. Ronan appeared very tired. It proved quite a challenge for the animal care assistant as she tried to handle the animal and give fluids on a very steep bumpy slipway.

Finally after the initial assessment it was decided that the pup should be taken back to the hospital as he was underweight and his general demeanour was worrying. He should have been out at sea fishing and socialising, not sleeping on some grass quite a way from the sea and in a busy village!!! We carried out some routine blood tests, which showed no infection. He did, however, have lungworm that is a parasite that affects seal pup lungs. We gave his some special treatments and are monitoring him in the hospital.

He is doing really well and we hope to move him outside to a pool where he will be able to play with other pups.