TARANSAY was rescued on 10th January 2001
Taransay was rescued on the 10th of January 2001 from the Helford passage. She was clearly malnourished and also very dehydrated. As she was a more lethargic animal than normal we decided to try a different technique of fluid therapy to rehydrate her. This involved giving her subcutaneous fluids by means of a drip for 48 hours. This new method replaces the normal techniques, which was stomach tubing every four hours.Taransay in our hospital

TOBAGO was rescued on 28th December 2000
Tobago was rescued on the 28th of December 2000 from St Loy Cove near Penberth. He had a severe graze to his upper eye lid on his left eye. He was also very malnourished and had breathing difficulties, due to a respiratory tract infection. Although very sick he still displayed typical aggressive behaviour.