Tamsyn - Rescued on 16th April 2008

On Wednesday 16th of April 2008 we received calls about a seal pup on the beach at St Ives but while on the phone to the sanctuary the pup went back in to the water. A few hours later we received another call about a pup at Porthmeor also in St Ives.

This turned out to be the same pup, so Clare headed out with the cage and kit, hoping to relocate it to another beach that didn't have as many people.
Upon her arrival, the pup was found to be dehydrated and wounds to its body, so she gave it fluids on the beach and brought it back to the Sanctuary. The pup was weighed and found to be 23 kilos and was put in to isolation 2. The pup's wounds were cleaned and treated and it was given antibiotics, vitamins and iron. The pup is a little girl and has been called Tamsyn.
Update: 25th April 2008 - Tamsyn's wounds are healing and she is now self feeding in the hospital's pen number 2. She will have second bloods taken at the end of the week, and if all clear, Tamsyn will have water in her pool.
Update: 2nd May 2008 - Tamsyn, in hospital pen number 2, is now off all treatment and has her pen filled will water daily, which she loves especially at feeding time, when she get to eat her fish in water.
Update: 16th May 2008 - Tamsyn unfortunately passed away this week. She had dropped a lot of weight since arriving at the Sanctuary; to find out the reason for this, a postmortem will have to be carried out.