Taff was rescued on 17th October 2004

On Sunday the 17th of October 2004 at around midday, a call was received at the National Seal Sanctuary about a grey seal pup lying alone on a beach near Tintagel and was bleeding from a wound on one of its rear flippers. Senior Animal Care Assistant Tamara Cooper decided that the pup should be brought into the Sanctuary for treatment, and contacted RSPCA Inspector Rob Skinner (who also attended the recent MMM course at Looe) who was nearby and agreed to go to the site straight away.

Since I happened to be volunteering at the Sanctuary that day, I tagged along to help! While en route, Rob called and said that he had taken the pup off the beach as the tide was turning and there were a lot of dogs around. It was decided that we would meet him at Tesco car park in Wadebridge to collect the pup from him.

Once we had all arrived, the pup was unloaded from Rob´s van. Tamara jumped it while I took the pup´s temperature, which was higher than normal. We also tube fed it before continuing back to the Sanctuary and putting it into an Isolation pen.

After the pup had recovered, Animal Care Assistant Claire Baker and Tamara gave the pup, named Taff, a thorough assessment. They found she had numerous bite wounds on her rear flippers, and more on her fore flippers, which were all treated. Taff had her temperature taken again - now about normal - and was tubed more fluids.

Medic Dan Jarvis
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
West Cornwall