SWEETPEA was rescued on 13th January 2004
Sweetpea - Rescued 13th January 2004 Sweetpea was rescued on 13th January 2004 from Porthcurno, she was approximately  4 weeks old and weighed 12.5kg.

When Sweetpea arrived at the sanctuary, she was very malnourished pup with wounds to rear flippers, there was also a lot of discharge from her nose and obvious lung noises.
Hospital Update - Sweetpea now weighs 13kg and is on a treatment of antibiotics, anti-mucolytic, multi vits, iron and salt. Sweetpea´s wounds are healing well and the discharge from her nose has dried up. She still has a lot of weight to put on but she has just started to play with her fish, a good sign that she will soon be feeding herself.

Update - 23rd July 2004 - Sweetpea and Charlie were both released back to the wild at the beach at Gwithian on the 23rd of July 2004. Charlie made a dash for freedom but Sweet Pea was more reluctant to go and has been spotted lurking around in the shallows.