Surprise Surprise!! - 2nd September 2004
The National Seal Sanctuary´s Curator Dr Glenn Boyle is stepping into the shoes of Cilla Black to re-unite three sibling common seals.

All three seals were born at Colchester Zoo. Bubble and Smartite were born in 1996 and 1997 and were moved to Twycross Zoo sometime later. Their sister Webb arrived in the year 2000, and was moved to Weymouth Sea Life Park.

With the closing of the Common Seal exhibit at Twycross Zoo, Dr Glenn Boyle was contacted in the hope of re-homing Bubble and Smartite here at the Sanctuary. "While the Sanctuary is able to give the seals home temporarily, we unable to keep them full time", said Glenn. So the hunt was on for Glenn to find them a permanent home.

Glenn contacted Weymouth knowing they had a big enclosure with common seals and that sister Webb was living there. Display´s Supervisor at Weymouth, Sarah Leaney said "We are more than happy to offer these seals a home, and help with re-uniting this family".

"Bubble and Smartite will be brought to the Sanctuary first and spend a couple of weeks in quarantine, here we can give them a full health check-up before they are moved to their new home at Weymouth", added Glenn.