Supernova was rescued on 10th November 2013
Gender : Female

Location of Rescue : Millook Haven near Bude

Age at Rescue : 2 weeks old (whitecoat)

Weight at Rescue : 21kgs

Reason for rescue : Multiple wounds on flippers, high temperature and ulcer in the right eye. Ulcer ruptured but eye remained intact.
The seal pup was taken to the British Divers Marine Life Rescue´s (BDMLR) temporary seal holding facility until a pen was available in the hospital at Gweek. The pup has been named Supernova.

Update - 16th November 2013 : Supernova was moved to Gweek on 11th November 2013. The Seal Sanctuary´s local vet, Head & Head (eye specialist), checked and put her under anesthetic so the third eyelid and outer lid could be stitched together. This was to protect the eye and hopefully stop it from rupturing. The eye was flooded with antibiotics and the team will now be monitoring her closely. The vet will be checking the eye again in two weeks time. Supernova is still on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory.
Supernova Update - 22nd November 2013 : Supernova had an eye ulcer in her right eye when she came in, and to help it healed the Sanctuary´s vet has temporarily stitched her eye together.

She will go in for a check up next week at the vets to see how it has healed, and hopefully the eye will be saved. She is not eating for herself yet, the animal care team are all hoping she does as she is quite a handful!
Update - 2nd December 2013 : This photo (right) of Supernova was taken on 30th November 2013 in the hospital´s pen number 3. She currently weighs 21kgs.
Click here to see a selection of photos of Supernova.

Update - 8th December 2013 : The Sanctuary´s vets have removed the stitches holding Supernova´s eye together this week, and although still a bit sore, her eye looks really good and the ulcer has healed. She is now down in the outside pools so her eye can have the benefit of access to salt water, but she isn´t quite eating for herself yet!
Supernova Update - 29th December 2013 : Supernova is currently in the nursery pool 1 with other rescued seal pups Skipper and Alien. Supernova´s.

Click here to see a selection of the photos taken on 28th December 2013.
Update - 20th January 2014 : Supernova is still in the nursery pool and showing improvement.

Update - 25th February 2014 : Click here to see a larger version of this photo of Supernova taken on 22nd February 2014 in the convalescent pool.

Supernova´s flipper tag number is 195 (orange)
Supernova Update - 14th April 2014 : Click here to see a larger version of this photo of Supernova taken on 12th April 2014 in the rehabiliation pool.
Update - 31st May 2014 : Click here to see a larger version of this photo of Supernova taken on 28th May 2014.

As you can see from the photo Supernova is looking quite big and will be returned to the wild soon.
Supernova Update - 5th July 2014 : Supernova along with Halley were returned to the wild on 4th July 2014 at Gwithian.

Click here to see a selection of photos taken of the release by Emma O´Neill.

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