SUMMER was rescued on 15th June 2001
Summer was rescued on the 15th of June 2001 from Boscastle barbour on the north coast of Cornwall. Grey seal pups are normally born around our coastline between September and November, so we were very surprised to receive a call about Summer so early in the year.Summer in our Hospital
Summer in our Hospital At only a week old, Summer should have still been suckling from her mother. However, Summer´s mum was nowhere to be seen and after many hours of waiting it was obvious that she wasn´t going to return to feed her.

We can only assume that Summer became separated from her mum in the rough seas.
When Summer arrived at the sanctuary she was given a full clinical assessment and it was discovered that apart from being slightly underweight she also had a superficial ulcer to her right eye.
Summer received a milk substitute every four hours when she first arrived with us. Unfortunately she wouldn´t suckle from a bottle so she had to be tube fed her milk at feeding time.
Summer in our Hospital
Summer - Photo by Malcolm Summer was introduced to fish when she had moulted out her white baby coat and was soon able to take her first swimming lessons! She started eating fish for herself on the 30th of July 2001, and was moved down to the nursery pools. Soon Summer will join our other pup Jamie Clogg in the convalescence pool where they will both await their release at the end of the summer.

Summer and Jamie Clogg were released on the 28th September 2001 at Church Cove.