Stevie - Grey Seal

Stevie, a rescued grey sealWhen Stevie, a two year old Grey Seal, was found on Hunstanton beach in March 2006, we noticed that he had lost one eye and the other was badly damaged, he also had lots of wounds on his flippers.

We are pretty sure he is completely blind, he will not be able to be released back into the wild.

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Update 2nd May 2006 - Stevie is doing very well, he is responding to our voices at the moment and will eat fish from hand. We need to make sure he will be able to find food when he moves outside into the main pool. He will be able to find food with his whiskers but we really want him to come over to where we will stand so we can make sure that he gets his fair share.Stevie, a rescued grey seal
Stevie, a rescued grey sealUpdate 9th July 2006 - Stevie is doing very well in the outside pool, he has got used to the shape and knows exactly where we feed him from every day. He has a few squabbles with the other seals every now and then but this is usually when he swims into them accidently. Usually the others keep out of his way most of the time and they all get along fine. Stevie will splash the water with his flippers all through our seal talks in a bid to get fed quicker but he has to wait until we are finished talking and he should realise this soon and the splashing can stop.
Update 7th July 2007 - Stevie will soon be moved to our Sealife centre in Belgium. He will be moving to his new home in the middle of July 2007. We are sending him to our centre in Blankenberge as they have a much larger pool and the facilities to deal with Stevie when he reaches his adult size. At the moment, Stevie weighs about 100kg and in a few years, he will weigh 250 kgs. He will join Blankenberges´ other resident seals and we are sure he will settle in to his new home and make friends quickly.Stevie, a rescued grey seal
Update 28th July 2007 - Stevie has now been moved to Blankenberge.
He has sent us a postcard from his new home.


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