Squirt - Rescued on 26th October 2006
On Thursday (26th October 2006) the Sanctuary received a call about a seal that was on a beach near Par in St Austell. From the description given, it sounded like the pup was in a really bad way. Luckily we had an RSPCA officer close by who went and investigated it on our behalf. The officer called us and it was obvious that the pup needed our help and quick. The pup was brought straight to Gweek, and pup in to isolation 1. We had moved Narla into the temporary pen in the hospital. Squirt in the isolation pen in hospital - photo was taken by Rachael Vine
This pup was a little boy and weighed 12.5 kilos it was very dehydrated and so malnourished that you could see its hip bones. It also had a few puncture wounds to his rear flippers and front flippers. Fluids were given and a drip was set up just in case the pup stopped breathing. The pup was then left to rest in peace and quiet. We have called this pup Squirt.

Hospital update: 27th October 2006 - Squirt has made it through the night but is still not out of the woods, he will be on the critical list for the next 48 hours.

Hospital update: 3rd November 2006 - We have some sad news, Squirt passed away in the early hours of Monday morning (30th of October 2006). Her body was taken for a post mortem; this will tell us what she died of. Squirt was in poor body condition when she came in and the Animal Care Team did everything that was possible for this very sick seal.