SPRUCE was rescued on 3rd November 2003
Spruce, a rescued pup - Photo taken by Dan Jarvis Spruce was rescued from Porthmeor beach, St Ives on 3rd November 2003. He was a healthy looking white coat of approximately one week old with no obvious injuries or ailments. Volunteers from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue had been monitoring Spruce for over 24 hours and unfortunately his mother had not been seen, it was apparent that Spruce had been abandoned!
The team hurried Spruce straight back to the hospital and weighed him in at a healthy 25 kilos. He was given a thorough health check and as he had not been fed for several days, he was also tube fed re-hydration fluids.

Spruce has now progressed onto fish soup and will slowly be introduced to fish when he reaches two weeks old.
Spruce, a rescued pup
Update 10th December 2003 - Spruce has been with us for one month now. At the moment fish are being left on the floor of his pen in the hope that he will start to feed on his own. His pen is now being filled with water each day, which will also encourage him to eat. Spruce is being weighed on regular basis. If his weight drops below an acceptable level we will once again start to help him eat. He is thoroughly enjoying his new watery environment and has had his back left flipper tagged ready for his release in the spring. Spruce, a rescued pup
Update 10th January 2004 - At 3 weeks old Spruce was slowly weaned onto fish and once he learned to feed himself he was moved down to the pools along with Ash on 17th December 2003.

Update 10th April 2004 - Spruce soon learnt to hold his own in the convalescent pool and quickly made the target weight for release. Spruce was released with Bramble on 8th April 2004.