Sanctuary needs your Help!!

With the start of another busy rescue season just around the corner for the staff at the National Seal Sanctuary, the team are asking for help from members of the public.

The Sanctuary is predicting that around another 40-50 grey seal pups will need the help of the Animal Care Team at Gweek.

With so many pups estimated to need help, the quicker the team can respond to a call, can ensure the survival of any pup that has been injured or abandoned.

With this in mind the Sanctuary is launching a SOS key ring. Each key ring gives the Do´s and Don´ts if you find a pup on the beach. There are five basic rules to follow if you discover a pup on the beach.

1.   Keep your distance - mum could be watching her pup from the sea.
2.   Don´t handle the pup - seals carry diseases, and can bite.
3.   Don´t put the pup back in the water - seals come out the water for many reasons including being tired from rough weather.
4.   Don´t ignore the situation - if you are in any doubt or are concerned call the Sanctuary. We would rather receive 10 calls about a healthy pup, then no calls about a sick pup.
5.   Call the National Seal Sanctuary on 01326 221361

"To help launch the key ring the Sanctuary is giving away 25 key rings to the first twenty five people who call the Sanctuary. The key ring can also be purchased from the gift shop at a cost of £1.50 which goes to our rescue fund or send a SAE to the National Seal Sanctuary and include £1.50." said Rachael Vine, Marketing Assistant.

"With so many pups being rescued last year, and many calls coming from people who are out walking on the beach, we thought this would be a good idea, as most people normally take their house keys and mobile phone with them." added Rachael.

For more information, please contact Rachael Vine on 01326 221361

Press Release date: 26th August 2005