SKYE was rescued on 26th November 2000
Skye was rescued on the 26th November 2000 from Bude, where she was spotted by a member of the public walking his dog. She was very lethargic and tiny, weighing only 11.5 kg.

The RSPCA brought Skye into us here at the National Seal Sanctuary. On closer examination we discovered that not only was she malnourished, but she had a severe injury to her right rear flipper. The wound was open and bone was visible, indicating an open fracture. Luckily it appeared to be quite a recent injury, and no infection had set in. It did however require some drastic action and surgery was performed to remove the broken bones from the affected digit.

Skye continues to progress well and has made the move out of our isolation unit to our main hospital. Now that her diet is made up of all fish, she should soon begin to put on weight.

TIREE was rescued on 23rd November 2000
Tiree was rescued from Holywell Bay in Newquay on 23rd November. She had been bitten by another seal and had a swelling on her front right flipper. All of Tiree´s wounds were infected so she was treated with antibiotics and painkillers. The swelling was lanced and proved to be an abcess although we are keeping a careful eye on it just in case there is any bone involvement.

Tiree loves her fish so much she can often be seen chasing the animal care staff around her pen, desperate for something to munch on!

Tiree was moved outside to join three other pups in nursery pool 5. She is feeding and gaining weight and can be seen to be using her flipper well. Tiree will remain on treatment until her full course of antibiotics has been completed.