Skittles was rescued on 13th September 2008

On 13th of September 2008 we received a telephone call from St Mary´s on the Isles of Scilly about a pup that had been abandoned at Porthcressa. The pup was put on the afternoon flight and the Animal Care Team picked it up from the heliport at Penzance.

The pup was given fluids on landing, before heading back to the Sanctuary.
Skittles being transferred from the helicopter
SkittlesIn isolation pen 1 the pup was given a full clinical assessment and found to have wounds to its flippers, chin and cut under the left eye which also had an ulcer. The pup weighs 11.5 kilos and is 5 days old and has been put on a course of antibiotics and pain relief. The pup is a little girl and been called Skittles.

Click here to view a selection of photos taken of Skittles at the heliport at Penzance.
Update: 19th September 2008 - Skittles is doing really well and starting to moult her white coat. She is still receiving treatment for her eye, and will be moving on to whole fish very soon.

Update: 26th September 2008 - Skittles is doing well, she is now in the main hospital, she is very bright and being force fed fish by the team, she has had her second bloods taken, wounds are healing and she now weighs 12 kilos.
Update: 3rd October 2008 - Skittles is doing well and is now being force fed fish as well as whole fish being left in her pen. She has finished moulting and has her grey coat come through, and is now learning to swim; Skittles loves the water.
Photo of Skittles was taken by Marco Buffoli during his visit on 10th October 2008 Update: 10th October 2008 - Skittles has now been flipper tagged on the back right. She has now been moved from the hospital to the outside nursery pools 3 and 4.

Skittles will split her fish in two before she eats it. If the fish is split cleanly in half, she will gobble it up, if not, she tends to rip it to pieces. This year's flipper tags are red and her number is 001.
Update: 31st October 2008 - Skittles is a greedy little seal and made herself a little green as she over indulged on fish. She keeps stealing all the bits of fish left over by Fairy and Chomp.

Update: 7th November 2008 - Skittles is now 23 kilos and managed to lose 1 kilo but it will not take long for her to put it back on.
Skittles Update: 24th November 2008 - These photos of Skittles were taken on 15th November 2008 in the convalescent pool. Skittles is doing really well and putting on weight.

Update: 12th December 2008 - Skittles now weighs 33.5 kilos.
Skittles Update: 24th December 2008 - Skittles currently weighs 35 kilos.

Update: 1st January 2009 - These photos of Skittles in the convalescent pool were taken on 29th December 2008.
Update: 11th February 2009 - Skittles was released back into the wild along with Merlin, Gandalf and Hubbard at Porthtowan.