SIMBA - Rescued on 15th October 2006

On Saturday 14th of October 2006, the Sanctuary received a call about a seal at Perranporth. From the description the pup seemed OK and was quiet happy to go in and out the water when approached by people. On Sunday (15th of October) we received more calls about this seal, and so the BDMLR went to pick it up. With the hospital so full the pup was held over night and brought to the Sanctuary in the morning. Simba in the isolation pen in hospital - photo was taken on 17th October 2006 by Rachael Vine
The pup had already moulted and we estimated it to be around 3 weeks old. The pup is a little boy and called ´SIMBA´ and had a puncture wound on his left front flipper which was cleaned and treated and a course of antibiotics given. Simba was given fluid for the first 24 hours but has now moved on to whole fish and doing very well on it.

Hospital update: 3rd November 2006 - Simba, along with Mutley and Koko, spent two days in the outside nursery pool even though it was open, and would only come out during the feeds, take the fish and head back to the nursery pool. To stop this happening and for the pups to start their last stage of rehabilitation, the Animal Care Team have now closed off nursery pool so they have no choice but to be in the Convalescence pool.
Simba´s orange flipper tag number is 08.
Simba being released back into the wild - photo was taken by Rachael Vine Update: 22nd December 2006 - Simba along with Koko and Mutley were released back into the wild on 22nd of December 2006. It was an early start on Friday morning as the Animal Care Team were all in between 6.00 and 6.30am to weigh and put them in the trailer. This took a bit of time as they had to try and find these three in the morning light. Finally at about 7.20am the seals were all in the trailer and everyone headed off to Church Cove.
All three came out together with Simba just a little bit ahead of the other two. As soon as their flippers touched the water they headed straight back up the beach (maybe the water was too cold!), but with a little encouragement from the Animal Care Team, they headed out in to the big ocean, and as everyone left they were all having great fun exploring.