SHANNY was rescued on 6th January 2002
Shanny was rescued on the 6th January 2002 from Porthgwarra. She was malnourished upon rescue weighing 14kg. She also had marked breathing, which could indicate a respiratory infection such as lungworm. She has responded well to her antibiotic treatment and as a result is now off treatment and being introduced to water. She is feeding well and we hope to move her to our outside nursery pools very shortly.

UPDATE - She is feeding well and we have moved her convalescent pool. She has a red stripe running along width of head for release identification.

PIKE was rescued on 8th January 2002
Pike was rescued on the 8th January 2002 from Gwithian Towans. First reports were made to the sanctuary the evening before, but advice was given to leave the pup overnight and see if it was there in the morning. Some pups will haul out in public places if the seas are rough to get some rest, we must remember that they are little inexperienced as babies. Seals usually come in with the tide, haul out, and when the tide comes back in the usually follow the outgoing tide.

However, Pike was still there in the morning and at 8am two members of the team set off to Gwithian. Pike was in reasonable body condition but seemed too have some abnormal coloured discharge from his nose, this could indicate respiratory problems. He was picked up and taken back to the hospital. He has completed his antibiotic cover now, feeding himself and it is hoped he will progress to the outside nursery pools soon.

FLOUNDER was rescued on 9th January 2002
Flounder, as rescued pupFlounder was rescued on the 9th of January 2002 from Portgaverne on the North coast of Cornwall. She was tiny on rescue weighing just 13kg. Her rescue was a little different from the usual because the sanctuary did not pick her up! She was picked up by the beach master and taken to the home of Bob Bulgin, one of the local British Divers Marine Life Rescue volunteers. Bob then drove the pup to Truro, where he was met by two animal care team members who took flounder back to the hospital.
She has just completed a course of antibiotics and is doing well. Her weight is increasing gradually, now at 14.5kg. We will wait for her to reach around 18kg before we introduce her to water, this way we can be sure that she won´t get too cold with a little more fat on her!