SEVERN - Rescued 18th October 2004

Severn a rescued pupSevern was rescued on 18th October from Porthmeor by the BDMLR Co-ordinators, Dave Jarvis and Tim Baines. She was very malnourished but otherwise in good condition. Severn weighed just 10.5kg and the smallest pup admitted into the hospital so far this year. The Animal Care Team have been very concerned that Severn starts putting on weight as soon as possible and conserves her energy.
Therefore, she has a heat lamp in her pen to keep her warm and the Animal Care Team are feeding her round the clock to keep her energy up. 5 days into her rehabilitation, Severn appears to have put on a little weight and has started to feed herself.
Update 29th October 2004 - Severn is now off night feeds and in the last week has put on 4kg in weight, the Animal Care Team are very happy with her progress.
Severn being releasedUpdate - 31st January 2005 - Severn along with Trent and Keekle were released back into the wild on Monday 31st January 2005 at Gunwalloe. Keekle overtook Severn to get to the water but Trent was a little more reluctant to make the final steps to the wild after trying to climb back into the trailer!