Sebastian arrived on 23rd September 2013
Sebastian, a two month old pup, was rescued from Puttsborough in Devon on 29th July 2013 and taken to the RSPCA´s West Hatch Wildlife Centre for treatment. Rescue weight was 29.2kgs. He had wounds and a nasal discharge.

The pup was transferred to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary on Tuesday 24th September 2013 for his next stage of rehabilitation, to learn how to compete for fish with other seals. Upon arrival at the Seal Sanctuary, Sebastian weighed 40.25kgs.

Sebastian´s flipper tag number is 80069 (orange).
Photo of Sebastian When Sebastian arrived at the sanctuary he was put straight into the nursery pool, so he could get used to being in water again. After a few days the barrier was open to let him into the convalescent pool with the adult seals so he would start to understand that he has to fight for his fish.

The adult seals are quite big, so at the moment he likes to hide away in the nursery pools, but don´t worry within a few days Sebastian will be in the thick of it getting his share of the fish.

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Update - 26th October 2013 : Sebastian and his friend, resident seal Pumpkin, are like double trouble at the moment! Sebastian will be released back into the wild as soon as the weather calms down!
He currently weighs just over 35kgs.
Update - 16th November 2013 : Sebastian is very ready to be released back into the wild. Just waiting for the weather to improve. He spends all day every day wrestling with Pumpkin.

Update - 30th November 2013 : Sebastian was released back to the wild on 22nd November 2013 at Gunwalloe.
Sebastian - (c) Mount Batten, Plymouth Update - 11th January 2014 : Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group was contacted by Mount Batten Watersports & Activities Centre at Plymouth with a tag number of a seal they had spotted on their pontoon.

The pup looked like Sebastian, so Sue sent out an email to the RSPCA (as the tag was the type used by them), our website and Tamara, asking if we all could check our databases. Tamara, the Animal Care Team´s Supervisor at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, confirmed that this was indeed Sebastian and was pleased to hear that he was ok.
Click here to see three photos of Sebastian taken on 13th December 2013 enjoying himself on the pontoon.

These photos were kindly supplied by Mount Batten Watersports & Activities Centre.
Sebastian - (c) Mount Batten, Plymouth
Sebastian - (c) Pandora Inn, Mylor Update - 8th March 2014 : Sebastian was spotted enjoying his day resting on a boat outside the Pandora Inn in Restronguet Creek on 17th February 2014. He stopped off at the Pandora Inn for their delicious fish pie.

Click here to see a larger photo of this.

This photo was kindly supplied by Pandora Inn, click here to view their facebook page.

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