Resident Seals News Update - October 2008

All the rescued common seal pups for 2008 have been moved into the big outdoor pool, where they joined Sally (right), Amber, Tyne and Sherbet.

Floss, Corn, Spotty and little Albert are all doing well and have been busy playing with each other. Floss has put on a lot of weight and found a new best mate in Sherbet. The two of them are always up to some mischief.
Sally our resident common seal with the pups in the outside pool
One of our rescued common seal pups in the outside pool Corn and Spotty (Pop) have been very cheeky this week and tried to steal all the fish thrown into the pool for the residents. The animal care team was busy trying to stop them from eating too much. Albert has finally joined everybody else in the big pool and has settled very well. He is having lots of fun sneaking up behind the animal care team at feeding times to get some extra fish out of the bucket. He must have learned that trick from Sherbet, who used to do that when he was a pup.

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