Seal Release - 30th September 2010
Gerrard, Terry and Crouch are hiding in the drain from us on the morning of their release back into the wild. Gerrard, Terry and Crouch
Our 3 aquarists untie the pups stretchers Our three aquarists (from left to right): Kirsty, Hollie and Hollie (AKA, Doris) untie the pups stretchers to release them.
Terry and Crouch just after they have been released. Terry and Crouch just after they've been released
Making their way towards the estuaryPups making their way towards the tidal estuary which takes them out to the sand banks where a big seal colony is.
Gerrard, Terry and Crouch entering the estuary! All three pups entering the estuary!
Crouch Crouch relaxing in the estuary, getting herself ready to go!
Gerrard and Terry relaxing in the estuary, getting ready for their journey to the seal colony offshore! Cole heads for the waves and the open sea

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