SCRABSTER was rescued on 29th September 2000

Scrabster was rescued on 29th of September 2000 from Church Cove by the members of the Animal Care Team.

She had probably been moved by a member of the public - to the top of a cliff path! This meant that, had she not been rescued, she would have died - she was a white coat and still dependent on her mother.

Scrabster like other pups here at the sanctuary, would have been far better left alone - her mother would have returned to feed her. Once she had been moved and handled however, her fate had been decided.
Scrabster in our Hospital
As soon as Scrabster started moulting her baby coat she was weaned onto fish. Due to a lack of room in the hospital, she was moved down to the nursery pools a little early so we could make room for more rescued pups.

She is clear from infections now, is in good body weight and has the typical aggressive grey seal behaviour so she should progress very well through her rehabilitation and hopefully be released next spring.

Here is the story from the person who actually found Scrabster...
I was out with my dog at 7.30am on Saturday, taking our last of many walks along the section of the coast path from Poldhu Cove to Halzephron Cliff at the end of our holiday. I had come to love this walk during our week´s stay at Poldhu Cove, the wind and the wildness of the sea were amazing and I found them exhilerating.

I had just passed through Church cove and was heading up the path towards the cliff, when my dog suddenly stopped in her tracks and would not be persuaded to follow me.
Scrabster - photo by Teri Simpson
I was forced to stop and look back, and then heard a noise and saw something white moving up against the wire fence at the boundray of Winnianton farm. My initial thought was "a sheep", but I knew that there were no sheep in the area. I approached the object, which was crying out and obviously in distress, and was thinking "a Westie?", I could not believe it when I saw that it was actually a SEAL PUP, heaven only knows how it could have got up there.

My immediate thought was that I had to contact the Seal Sanctuary quickly (being aware of their work following several visits), and as I didn´t have my mobile phone with me, I ran all the way back to my cottage at Trewoon. I passed a gentleman on the way, breathlessly telling him about my discovery, he did have his mobile phone with him, but of course neither of us knew the number of the Seal Sanctuary.

Once back at the cottage, I hurriedly tried to get through the the Seal Sanctuary, cursing BTCellnet´s patchy network coverage in the area. I eventually managed to get a connection, and got through to your recorded message (it was still only 8am!).

I tried the number that was given for emergencies, but several attempts at different number combinations only got me unknown number tones. I then tried the mobile number given, but my call was diverted to the network answering service.

What was I to do?

So I packed all of my belongings into my car as quickly as I could, vacated the cottage and drove round to Church Cove.
Scrabster - photo by Teri Simpson I was so relieved to see that the rescue Land Rover already there, it turned out that the gentleman that I had met on my way back to the cottage had managed to get hold of the Seal Sanctuary emergency number and had made the call.

I ran to the cove to see whether the seal was on its way to safety, but the resue team were searching the beach and the seal was actually on the path above the cove. The gentleman who had made the call was with the team, but did not know the seal´s exact location due to my hasty relay of the situation at our first exchange.
I called out to tell the team where the seal was to be found (none of us could understand how it had managed to get there), and she ("it" was a girl) was carefully and lovingly placed into the transportation cage and carried off to safety. A happy ending!
I began my journey back to Sheffield touched by the realisation that I´d made a difference in this little creature´s life, and assured that she was now in safe and caring hands. I could not have imagined a more dramatic and memorable end to my holiday, a once in a life time occurrence, and one that I certainly won't forget.