Saxo was another pup rescued by the RSPCA. He was treated as West Hatch Wildlife Hospital in Devon, before being transported to the Sanctuary. The main reason for his move was so that he could mix with other seals and learn to compete for his fish, like in the wild. He will be released in the next couple of months along with all the other seal pups.

Amazon is a female pup named after a shipwreck. She was rescued from the Hayle estuary on the 14th of January 2000 after being spotted by a member of the public. The gentleman noticed that one of her eyes was damaged and weeping. She was picked up and brought to the Sanctuary's hospital where she was given extensive eye treatment.

Her eye has healed well and she is currently in one of our outside Nursery pools, awaiting the convalescence pool.

Floyd was named by a member of the public after being spotted on some rocks looking very snuffily and tired. He was rescued on the 21st January 2000 from Praa Sands. The rescue took some energy and strength as Floyd was in amongst some rocks. After a long walk and climb we reached him and had the awkward task of trying to cage him up on rocks, but once caged the hard work started on carrying him over the tall rocks, and along the beach.

He was tube-feed on the beach so the would not over heat on the way back to the Sanctuary. He was treated with lots of medicines for his very bad chest and is doing really well.

Update: 8th March 2000 - Floyd is now in a nursery pool on site awaiting his second worming treatment for lungworm. He is doing very well and will soon be ok to be moved into the convalescence pool.