SaharaExtracts from Sahara´s diary whilst he was staying here at the sanctuary from April 2007 to 9th October 2007.

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Hooded Seal Flies In and Thank goodness "fur" that!
20th April 2007 - Sahara (the hoody) is being very lazy and is only eating the fish if thrown straight in front of him, this means the sea gulls seem to end up with more fish then him. Flotsam and Jetsam (the common seals) will be moved back in to this pool, and this should encourage Sahara to feed and fight for the fish.

27th April 2007 - Flotsam and Jetsam are happy to be back in their old pool, very hungry, lots of chasing the Animal Care Team up and down the pool, lots of playing and splashing in the pool, but ignoring poor Sahara. Sahara may possible be growing hair, which the Animal Care Team are keeping a very close eye on to see if it´s true. It would explain why he is off fish at the moment.
11th May 2007 - Over the last few weeks, we thought that Sahara was growing hair, this turns out to be untrue, and so we still wait. He is a lot more active this week and can be found guarding the gate during feeding time, if any of the others come up behind him and try to get in on the action, he turns around and barks and growls at them.

1st June 2007 - Sahara is like lighting at feeding time and even fighting Flot and Jet for the fish. Sahara, we think, is growing hair as she has a very fluffy belly.
8th June 2007 - Congratulation to Sahara who is, this week, showing off his full body of slivery fur, and looking very handsome. Despite all the fish and the three feeds a day, Sahara is looking very trim and at the moment is looking like a possible release.

29th June 2007 - Sahara can be found upside down during pool cleaning lying on his back. He loves it when the Animal Care Team put the hose on his belly as he then rubs his belly with his flipper.

3rd August 2007 - Sahara is doing his best to scare the sea gulls away, with much success; this is due to some kind of new head jutting movement.

9th September 2007 - Sahara has had some tests this week and awaiting the results, so that the Animal Care Team can plan his next stage of rehabilitation. He is still in need of some exercise.

14th September 2007 - Sahara has started to lose a small amount of fur around his eyes and flippers, but we are waiting on his results to see if he can still be released. Hopefully there will be no problems with him going.
5th October 2007 - Sahara is missing the common seals (Flotsam and Jetsam who were moved to Sea Life Centre in Blankenberge in Belgium) a lot since they've gone but the Animal Care Team have been keeping him occupied with lots of different changes ready for his departure.

9th of October 2007 - Sahara was released back into the wild in Scotland. To read Sahara´s "Satellite keeps tabs on rare seal" press release, click on this link.
Sahara fitted with the satellite transmitter