SAGE was rescued on 17th December 2003
Sage was rescued by the Animal Care Team on December 17th, 2003 from Newlyn harbour. He was lying beside a boat, being watched over by two friendly fishermen. Sage´s main problem was a huge wound around his neck believed to be from fishing net. In addition, Sage had another nasty wound to his tail, and was generally in poor body condition. Once in the Hospital, it was a challenge to restrain Sage in order to keep the neck wound clean for it to heal properly. SAGE - Rescued 17th December 2003
SAGE - Rescued 17th December 2003 Usually, a seal is caught and restrained by wrapping a towel around its muzzle, head and shoulders. But in Sage´s case, the wound was exactly where he would usually be handled, so the Animal Care Team had to take great care to remain safe while allowing Sage´s wound to be treated.
Update 1st May 2004 - Sage took several weeks to recover from his wounds and to learn how to feed himself, but he was able to be transferred to the outdoor pools in late January. Sage quickly learnt to feed himself in the busy convalescent pool, getting more than his fair share of the fish!

By the time of his release on 30th April 2004 Sage weighed 52 kilos!
SAGE - Rescued 17th December 2003