RUSH was rescued on 14th February 2004
The Animal Care Team with the help of the Coast Guards and British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team, rescued Rush on the 14th of February 2004 from Godrevy on the north coast. We had originally heard about Rush on the 27th of January 2004 when he had been spotted on an inaccessible cove with netting trapped around his abdomen by a member of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. At the time of the first call, conditions did not allow a rescue attempt. Over the weeks we have received several phone calls with updates of his condition.
In the afternoon of the 14th of February, after another phone call telling us his condition was worsening, it was decided that weather conditions were favourable, and with the help of the Coast Guard Rescue Team from Portreath and BDMLR, a rescue attempt was possible. With help from the Rescue Team, one of the Animal Care Team assailed down to Rush who was caught and winched to the top of the cliff to be taken back to the hospital at the sanctuary.
Once back at the hospital, the netting was cut away and his injury could be seen for the first time. The wound was approximately 2 inches wide and 1½ inches deep cutting down to the bone on his underside. The bone had been badly damaged and required an operation to remove a small section. To help Rush fight any infection, he was placed on high doses of antibiotics and painkillers and the wound began to heal.
At first Rush was not interested in fish and required being force fed every 4 hours. After weeks of perseverance by the Animal Care Team he finally learnt to feed himself. The vet came to examine Rush on 13th April 2004 and agreed that Rush would benefit from being moved down to the outside pools. He is currently being housed by himself as he still requires treatment but is should not be long before he will be allowed in the convalescent pool with the other pups and his release can be planned.

Update: 20th June 2004 - Rush was released back to the wild on 16th June 2004 with the help of Graham Biggs and the St Ives Pleasure Boat Association.