Ronseal arrived on 2nd October 2011
Ronseal was transferred to the Sanctuary on 2nd October 2011 from Secret World in Devon, the pup had been found around Pontihead near Bristol, on the 24th September 2011; the pup was around 4-5 weeks old when it was transferred to the Sanctuary for rehabilitation. The pup is a little lardy weighing in at 31.5 kilos but has a swollen flipper and puncture wounds.

Ronseal is happy feeding on fish, but will need a trip to the vets as we think he might have a broken bone in his flipper, the pup will need an x-ray to confirm this.
Ronseal Update: 7th October 2011 - On 4th October 2011 Ronseal was booked into see the vet, an xray was carried out and did confirm as we suspected that the pup did have a broken digit in his flipper, this will now have to be removed via an operation and he should start to feel a lot better.

Update: 22nd October 2011 - Photo left of Ronseal was taken on 19th October 2011 in the main hospital, he still has a swollen rear left flipper.
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Update: 28th October 2011 - Ronseal is in hospital pen number 4; he had a visit by the vet earlier today and confirmed that Ronseal will have a second x-ray next week to check the progress of his flipper. He loves the hose and the team are very happy with his progress.

Ronseal´s flipper tag number is 05 (green).
Ronseal playing with the hose
Ronseal on 28th December 2011 Update: 23rd November 2011 - Ronseal is now in the outside nursery pool 3 for his next stage of rehabilitation which will include introducing Ronseal to other seals and teaching him how to feed and fend for himself.

Update: 1st January 2012 - Photo left of Ronseal was taken in the convalescent pool on 28th December 2011.    Click here to see further photos.

Update: 19th January 2012 - Ronseal was released back into the wild at Gwithian beach on 17th January 2012 along with Marti Pellow, Finn,
Andy Murray and David Attenborough.

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