RONA was rescued on 4th October 2000
Rona was rescued from Godrevy beach on 4th October 2000. This is a very popular breeding site on the north coast of Cornwall and proves to be one of the most popular places to go to see seals in the wild.

Rona had unfortunately been bitten over the whole of her body by another seal, probably an immature animal. She has very well defined wounds caused by sharp teeth! Apart from the infections which had followed these injuries, she also had a torn out claw and broken and missing bones in her flippers.
Rona was in a great deal of pain due to her injuries so she was given painkillers as well as all the other medicines to heal her body. She was slowly weaned onto fish when she started to lose her white baby fur to give her strength to heal herself.

When Rona was then strong enough, she had treatment at the local vets surgery to remove the remaining pieces of infected tissue, the broken bone and claw whilst under sedation.

Rona is now doing very well and after being moved outside, she was introduced to Bryher, the little pup who now shares her pool. They get on reasonably well together and will hopefully both soon be able to go into the convalescence pool.

BENBECULAR was rescued on 4th October 2000
Benbecular was rescued from The Strangles near Crackington Haven on the 4th October 2000, just a few feet away from Tresco another rescued pup.

A reasonably fat and healthy looking pup, Benbecular had the same problems as Tresco with badly ulcerated eyes causing him a great deal of pain.

Fortunately Ben was a little less panicky when being handled although he was very strong and took to eating his fish readily with a little assistance soon after his arrival.
Benbecular in our hospital
Benbecular in one of our pools Ben received antibiotic eye drops 6 times per day for many weeks and his eyes soon improved. He is now clear from infection and doing very well in the convalescence pool.

As soon as Ben starts eating his fish a bit better he can then join the other pups in the convalescence pool before he is released.

BRYHER was rescued on 9th October 2000
Bryher was found on a slipway in Brixham harbour on 9th October 2000. He appeared very small and thin and was taken to a local veterinary surgeons for attention. The vet examining Bryher found discharge coming from a wound on his rear flipper and x-rayed the limb to check for breaks or fractures. Fortunately for Bryher his bones were in good shape so he was moved to the Torquay Wildlife Park, who deal with some rescued wild animals. However, the animal manager realised the best place for Bryher was here at the Sanctuary, so he was transported in a cage in the back of a landrover.

Although Bryher was small he had a big appetite and was soon eating fish for himself which was a good first step to recovery. Bryher soon started to put on weight and progressed to the outside pools on the 31st October 2000. Unfortunately soon after being in the nursery pools Bryher developed a very nasty ulcer in his left eye and had to be bought back up to the hospital for treatment. Despite receiving intensive eye treatment Bryhers eye ruptured and has now been removed. Having only the one eye will not effect his chances of being released as the sight in his remaining eye is 100%.

Research on grey seals in the wild has shown that they can survive very well with just the one eye so Bryher should be joining our other pups next spring when they are released.

Update: 28th February 2001 - Doing well in convalescent pool.