Rocky - Californian Sea Lion

ROCKY, an adult Californian Sea Lion, was originally born at the Brighton Dolphinarium where he was going to be trained to perform.

Unfortunately, at the age of five months he developed cataracts in both eyes and became totally blind. Unable to perform, Rocky became surplus to requirements so we offered him a permanent home.

Rocky has had a happy life at the sanctuary, using all his other senses to their maximum potential to make up for his lack of vision.
Rocky, a male Californian Sea Lion
In 1998 Rocky began to have problems with his cataracts, which began to break and splinter in his eyes, causing him pain and discomfort. This meant surgery and Rocky was operated on in May 1999 by an ophthalmic surgeon specializing in sealions!

Sadly on the 1st April 2009, our beloved Rocky passed away peacefully in his sleep.