ROCKLING was rescued on 12th November 2001
Rockling, a rescued pupRockling was rescued on 12th November 2001 from Godrevy. We were alerted to Rockling by members of the public who had spotted him hauled out from the cliff edge and were worried about his welfare.

Rockling was about 4 weeks when rescued and weighed just 17 kilos. He was malnourished and had a few superficial wounds to his tail as well as an ulcer on his lower jaw. We were also concerned about an ulcer Rockling had to his right eye.
Rockling responded well to a course of antibiotics but his right eye still concerned us. Despite Rockling having a never-ending appetite and putting on weight everyday we decided to keep him in the hospital so that we could monitor his eye closely. Once his eye was fully healed and he weighed 34.5 kilos he was given the all clear by our vet.

Rockling was moved down to the nursery pools on the 22nd December 2001 and it will not be long before we introduce him to one of our other seal pups. He can then be moved into the convalescent pool for his final stage of rehabilitation before being released back into the wild in the spring.

UPDATE - Released 28th March 2002 along the south coast with Monk, Limpet and Damsel.

JACK was rescued on 1st December 2001
Jack, a rescued pupJack was rescued on 1st December 2001 from Porthgwarra near Lands End. He was about 8 weeks old, weighing 21 kilos. When rescued Jack was very lethargic and had three large wounds to the right side of his body, along with superficial wounds to his flippers.

Jack was also suspected to have lungworm as well as suffering from ruckly breathing and smelly breath!
Jack was wormed and put on to a course of antibiotics, which he responded very well to. His wounds healed quickly and his breathing eased almost immediately. After a week of gently force feeding Jack fish, he finally got the idea and started to eat fish for himself. Jack quickly put on weight and on reaching 29 kilos on 22nd December 2001, and getting the all clear from our vet, he was moved down to the nursery pools for the next stage of rehabilitation.

We are pleased to report that Jack is doing very well in the nursery pools and we hope it will not be too long before he will have reached 30 kilos and can be moved into the convalescent pool, before being released back out into the wild.