ROBIN was rescued on 13th November 2002
Robin was found on Gyllyngvase beach in Falmouth on the 13th November 2002, with various puncture wounds to his body and mouth. He also had scratches on his eyes and started squinting as soon as he arrived. He was put onto treatment and after a week or so, his eyes had healed. Robin was then allowed to go into salt water, but his eye became infected again and unfortunately the eye had to be removed.

Even with one eye, Robin will still be able to be released. He is eating very well, considering his handicap and is putting weight on constantly. If he continued to progress at this rate, he will be able to go back out to sea by the Spring.

JAY was rescued on 23rd November 2002
Jay was rescued on the 23rd November 2002 from Newquay by the RSPCA. She was transferred here the same day and was found to have various puncture wounds to her chin, lower body, all of her flippers and her tail. She was slightly snuffle although this was nothing to worry about according to our vet. Some of the wounds appeared swollen and she was treated with antibiotics. She soon progressed to the main pool and then had to learn to compete for her fish. It took her a while to put weight on in this pool but she was eventually released back to the wild on the 4th April off the North coast.

MONTY was rescued on 22nd January 2003
Monty a rescued pupMonty was rescued by the GSPCA from Guernsey on the 22nd January 2003. He had been picked up due to that fact that he was found on a usually unpopulated beach where seals were not known to haul out.

He was slightly underweight but after being transferred to Gweek on the 15th February, started to eat well for himself.
He made quick progress down to the Convalescent pool and he is now big enough for release. It is hoped that he will be able to go back out to sea very soon.