ROBIN was rescued in November 1999
Robin came to us from the RSPCA at West Hatch in November 1999. He was originally rescued because he was underweight and it was discovered that he had an infected eye.

Unfortunately he has lost all sight in his left eye. He is doing really well in the convalescence pool and is putting on weight quickly.
Robin in one of the nursery pools

BUFFY was rescued on 1st December 1999
Buffy was so named because of her very large teeth (like a vampire) and aggressive nature. She was rescued from St Agnes on the 1st December 1999 looking very underweight and tired. We had know doubt however, that she was going to do very well because when we showed her, her first fish, she had it down her throat and into her stomach before you could even blink! Buffy is now enjoying the company of another pup Buddy, out in the nursery pools. Buffy in one of the nursery pools

BUDDY was rescued on 8th December 1999
Buddy was rescued from Bude on the North Coast of Cornwall on the 8th of December 1999. He was extremely underweight, weighing only 17kg when he should have weighed around 40kg. It seems that Buddy had problems finding food in the wild as he had no injuries or illnesses. He was found marooned after being washed over break water.

Buddy had no trouble feeding and quickly starting eating as much food as he possibly could. Sometimes he ate so much he made himself sick.
Buddy in one of the nursery pools
Buddy was put into the convalescence pool and is doing really well. He is always looking for food and loves playing with his friends Tegan and Buffy. You can sometimes see him basking in the buoy that floats around the pool.