Rimmer arrived on 21st February 2007

Rimmer arrived on Wednesday 21st of February 2007 from the RSPCA. This seal pup was rescued from Dorset on the 11th of February 2007, and has now been brought to the Sanctuary for his rehabilitation.
Rimmer weighs 21 kilos and is self feeding.

Hospital Update: 26th February 2007 - Rimmer has been moved down into the outside common seal pool.
Rimmer in the common seal pool - photo was taken by Rachael Vine on 26th February 2007
Hospital Update: 23rd March 2007 - Rimmer has now been moved from the common seal pool into the convalescence pool. Rimmer´s RSPCA flipper tag number is 7063(02OO).
Rimmer in the convalescence pool - photo was taken on 31st March 2007 Update: 31st March 2007 - These photos of Rimmer were taken on Saturday 31st March 2007 in the convalescence pool. Rimmer in the convalescence pool - photo was taken on 31st March 2007
Update: 13th May 2007 - With the tides right on the morning of Tuesday 8th of May 2007, we decided it was time to release a few more seals back into the wild. At 8am, we loaded up Rimmer along with Flik, Smurf, Magnet, Chip and Pudey and took them for the 10 minute drive to the release site. The surf was a little higher than we expected, but the excitement coming from the seals in the trailer meant it was time to say goodbye. We lowered the trailer door down and with little hesitation, the open sea called and they were off flopping down the beach and into the water. Click on this link to watch the video of the release.
Update: 7th April 2013 - Rimmer was seen by members of the Cornwall Seal Group* at local haul-out sites along the north coast of Cornwall on the following dates:- 6th March 2011, 4th & 18th April 2011, 9th November 2011, 16th May 2012, 17th October 2012, 10th November 2013, 17th & 20th February 2013 and 27th March 2013.

*Members of the Cornwall Seal Group volunteer hundreds of hours of their own time to photo, identify and watch over the seals around the Cornish coast.

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