Gigha with her new pup Lora Gigha finally had her pup on Friday 27th of July 2007!! Mother and baby are both doing very well and have bonded beautifully. The pup is a little girl and has been christened Lora. She is proving to be quite a handful for Gigha and is full of life constantly playing around her doting mother. The animal care team will now be keeping a very close eye on Gigha to make sure that she gets all she needs during this stressful time for her body.

Not to be outdone Lorne is right in there with the new pup and seems to be enjoying playing with his newest arrival. All three have frequently been seen together over the past few days and both Lorne and Gigha are more that happy to 'piggyback' Lora around the pools.
Press Release - Pup Lora delights SEA LIFE Visitors

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