Research Helps Release - 14th September 2004
Staff at the National Seal Sanctuary are saying farewell to Frodo.

Frodo has been with the Sanctuary for the last 7 months, after being rescued from Guernsey by the GSPCA. Weighing only 16 kgs at 6 weeks old, Frodo was suffering from malnutrition, worms and wheezy breathing. She was flown to the Sanctuary by private plane and taken to our specially designed Seal hospital.

Upon arrival it was noticed that Frodo had bald patches, she was left to rest and then given food and treatment for worms. It was later discovered through routine blood tests that she had an under active thyroid.

"An under active thyroid in seals causes them to lose their hair, become very lethargic and also put on weight. This condition can be treated with drugs" Said Senior Animal Care Assistant Tarmara Cooper. "But as the only symptoms were slight hair loss, medication was unnecessary"

Over the last three months behaviour tests have been carried out with Frodo to ensure suitability for release. It was found that she was active 89% of the time; this is normal behaviour for a seal. Our Veterinary team agreed that her condition has now stabilised and is ready to be returned to the wild.

This is great news for Frodo as it means she can be released. "Once again we have called on Captain Keith of Orca Sea-Faris to help release Frodo by boat off the shore at Falmouth." added Tamara.