Rescue season comes to a close - 21st July 2004
Staff at the National Seal Sanctuary finally says goodbye to the last of their 2003/2004 rescued pups.

Sweet Pea and Charlie will be released at Gwithian, near Hayle on Friday 23rd of July 2004. "This is the best place to do a beach release as there is a large grey seal colony just round the corner" said the Senior Animal Care Team member, Tamara Cooper.

Sweet Pea was rescued at Portcurno at 4 weeks of age, with wounds to her flippers and suffering from the early stages of pneumonia.

Charlie was rescued only a month ago from Hayle with a large fishing net caught around his neck. He has made a quick recovery and is now ready to be returned. Charlie´s progress has been followed very closely by Cornish resident and international singer/songwriter Tori Amos, who became interested in our rescue work sometime ago, and is responsible for giving Charlie his name.

Both Charlie and Sweet Pea are to be release without hat tags. "It has been decided not to hat tag Charlie as his scars are very distinctive and therefore easily recognisable."

"Both seals have flipper tags so they can be identified if spotted" said Tamara.

With the final goodbye, the animal care team now wait for the 2004/2005 rescue season to start. "You can never tell how busy the rescue season is going to be, but we are always prepared for the influx of new pups."

If the public do spot a seal that is injured or may have been abandoned, please do not approach the animal but call the Sanctuary on 01326 221361 or the RSPCA.