[Rescued Seals]

GeorgeGEORGE (Released)
George, 6 weeks old a grey seal pup, was rescued from Holme on 26th January 2013, he was suffering worms and small injuries to his rear flipper...More>>
MargeMARGE (Released)
Marge was rescued on 6th March 2013 from Hunstanton beach boat ramp, she was very underweight at only 17.5kg and also had a nasty case of worms...More>>
BorisBORIS (Released)
Boris, a six months old grey seal pup, was rescued from the beach at Heacham on 4th April 2013, he was found to have an ulcerated right eye and a bad case of lung worm...More>>
cbROBIN (Released)
One day old common seal pup was rescued from the beach at Heacham South on 19th June 2013, she was abandoned by her mum...More>>
DaredevilDAREDEVIL (Passed Away)
This pup was only 3 days old and we believe she was separated from her mum by the tide then got trapped in the rocks...More>>
BatmanBATMAN (Released)
The first male seal pup to arrive at hospital on 24th June 2013...More>>
Wonder WomanWONDER WOMAN (Released)
The pup was only one day old ...More>>
MystiqueMYSTIQUE (Released)
The pup was only a short distance from the Sanctuary...More>>
SpidermanSPIDERMAN (Released)
The pup was put into the car boot of one of the Animal Care Team for the journey to the Sanctuary...More>>
Flash GordonFLASH GORDON (Passed Away)
The pup was rescued by a fishing boat crew...More>>
DangermouseDANGER MOUSE (Released)
Dangermouse was abandoned by his mum...More>>
SupermanSUPERMAN (Released)
Superman was rescued from South Heacham beach ...More>>

Each pup can cost up to £5,000 to rescue, rehabilitate and release, if you would like to adopt a pup
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