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DamienDAMIEN (Released)
This is our first grey seal pup this year. Damien was brought into our hospital as he seemed dehydrated, lethargic and had a lack of energy...More>>
LisaLISA (Released)
Lisa, a common seal pup, was only 1 - 2 days old when we rescued her on 18th June 2011 - she still had her umbilical cord attached!...More>>
RobbieROBBIE (Released)
Robbie was found on the same day and location as Lisa, the stormy weather was appearing to be too much for these little pups...More>>
VickyVICKY (Released)
Vicky was about 6 days old when we found her on 26th June 2011, and she was completely alone with no signs of her mother anywhere...More>>
KatyKATY (Released)
Like the other three pups, Katy was separated from her mother. She was found very high up on the beach, and it was a very sunny day on 30th June 2011...More>>
LindaLINDA (Released)
Linda is an ex-rehab seal! She is a year old, and was rehabilitated at a different rescue centre last year. Linda had several cuts on her belly and rear flippers and was bleeding when we found her on 12th July...More>>
SimonSIMON (Released)
Simon, a common seal pup, was rescued on 27th July 2011 after he was found on Cley beach with serious injuries....More>>
TraceyTRACEY (Released)
Tracey, a common seal, was rescued on 30th July 2011. She is another ex-rehabilitation seal from last year´s pupping season...More>>
Ellie SnowballELLIE SNOWBALL (Released)
A fluffy white grey seal pup weighing 32 kilos was rescued on 28th November 2011...More>>
CliffCLIFF (Released)
Cliff was a rescued grey seal pup from Winterton Ness, picked up by a privately owned seal hospital in Norfolk, we received a call from the hospital asking for help...More>>

Each pup can cost up to £1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
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